Questionnaires & surveys

Research kit for the study participants:

– STAI self-assessment questionnaire (sheet X-1, version A) – completed by participants at the beginning of the meeting, before viewing paintings, extended by a question about the sense of meaning of life (the participants scored them on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 meant “I feel like my life has no meaning” and 10 meant “I feel like my life has a meaning”.)

– STAI self-assessment questionnaire (sheet X-1, version B) – completed by participants at the end of the meeting, i. e. after 3 hours of interaction with paintings and participation in a group discussion on art. The questionnaire also included a question about the meaning of life.

– Survey with open questions – completed by participants to selected works in the middle of the event. The survey was prepared by the artist in cooperation with a psychologist.

The questionnaires and surveys were printed on sheets of different colours, to be chosen by the respondents. Participants could also choose a pen with a coloured cartridge or a standard one: blue or black.

STAI self-assessment questionnaire, sheets X-1 and X-2, authors of the Polish adaptation: C. D. Spielberger, J. Strelau, M. Tysarczyk, K. Wrześniewski. STAI is described in the literature as a tool designed to study state anxiety, understood as the state of the individual and constituting a negation of the individual’s well-being. The X-1 subscale consists of 20 items to which the respondent responds by choosing one of 4 categorized answers.

Photos: Examples of questionnaires and surveys completed by respondents. Own materials.