A video created from a sequence of photographs recording the creation phases of successful and deemed unsuccessful works, as well as examples of material gathered during self-observation of the creative process.

Self-observation consisted of systematically documenting the phases of painting, as well as the emotional states, experiences and emotions occurring during the creative process. Psychological tools were used for recording: self-assessment questionnaires (STAI sheets: X-1 and X-2 with closed questions, authors of the Polish adaptation: C. D. Spielberger, J. Strelau, M. Tysarczyk, K. Wrześniewski; questionnaires with open-ended questions about the painted work, developed by the artist-researcher in cooperation with a psychologist, containing the questions: “What do I feel when I look at the painting?”, “What memories does it evoke?”, “How do I perceive the future?”, “What do I think about?”. etc.); narratives created using the automatic writing method; recorded reflections. The work was therefore exploratory, based on an autoethnographic method.

HD video, 38:05, loop, 2023