Works created from artistic waste, accumulated by the artist during the painting proces. At a certain stage in the creation of paintings, the painter began to use stencils, prepared by her from semi-perforated paper. As a result, the energy of working with the painting, with the forms, is written on these papers; there are traces of paint on them. Sensing the dormant potential in these scraps, the artist began to collect them and store them in large bags. Over time, she gave this waste a second life, using the forms created by the method of storage and the passage of time. In all cultures and religions there is a belief that something changes its form, becoming something else, that is, as if it is given a new life. The objects presented in the exhibition are a continuation of the author’s research on the creative process and its impact on a psychological transformation of the artist/viewer, based on a medium other than painting. They are also a response to the search for the meaning of artistic waste in relation to fullness/truth in art.

Photo below: Michał Łagoda