The realm of my interests mainly includes a human being and his existence. I explore primary subjects connected with human life. I am not concerned with temporary problems occurring in culture and society. My story deals with paradoxical truths existing beyond geographical or time divisions. A human being in this story is always in statu nascendi, between the two poles. I recount the play of the opposites, which is going on in him...

I use shortcuts and insinuations, avoiding any univocal expressions. I strive for synthesis. This is so because one can only have a presentiment of  these truths – there is something indefinite in them, which cannot be transferred in a definite way.

The starting point in the creative process  derives from my  personal stories (experiences, inner and outer conflicts, etc. ) Issues dealt with in psychobiology, existential and humanistic psychology  also become an  inspiration for me.  

In painting, I realise the subjects by means of a female figure, which is posed in a certain scenery grasped in a shortcut, portraying the mood of the situation at the same time. It is in human form that I want to record the most important message – in exposed body fragments, naked or covered, in arrangement of a silhouette… This type of description can sometimes be less, or sometimes more literal. The recurring motive is the idea of “dissected” body, though striving for being the whole.

I consciously lay down the richness of colours in favour of narrow colour scale, often black and white, or cold shades, which correspond to the poetics I am interested in. I excessively consider the use of a colour regarding its own content richness. Form is the main hero, and thus it cannot be disturbed by a colour, which only has to support the message.

I paint with the whole organism, supported by my abilities and limitations. I most appreciate continuous play between intellect and intuition, taking control and giving up… While painting, I attempt to find silence and freedom. Finally a painting becomes, beyond visual record,  a history record of a certain process: rich in emotions, distractions, numerous efforts and mistakes being the witnesses and the participants, the authors of everything.